Australian Shepherds
                                                                    adoption contract

Dogs Name____________________________________________________
  Crazy Heart, 19816 Excelsior ave, Riverdale CA 93656   
Adoptee ______________________________________________________
ownership listed as:______________________________________________
Date of  Adoption   ____________________________________________
Adoption Price__________Deposit_____________Balance due_________

Adoptee's Signature_____________________________________________
Crazy Heart Rep's Signature_______________________________________

1   Crazy Heart is the only Kennel name allowed on registration papers.

2  Health guarantee: Said dog is hereby guaranteed to be in good health and free of any illness or disease for
a period of 72 hours after purchase . If said dog should require veterinary attendance within this period,
Adoptee must contact seller immediately should any illness or disease be detected. So that a decision may be
made on how to proceed with veterinary treatment. If Crazy Heart is not notified in advance of treatment, Crazy
Heart will not be obligated to pay any veterinary expenses. This guarantee does not extend to payment for
veterinary treatment due to negligence, mistreatment, or accident to said dog or well puppy and regular
veterinary examination and shots.

3  Adoptee agrees to spay or neuter pet before 1 year of age (between 6-8 months is recommended) AKC
and/or ASCA papers are restricted. If Adoptee wishes to show puppy; Crazy Heart will be listed as co-owner
until puppy has competed in 24 AKC or ASCA competitions  and can not be bred until these conditions have
been met.  If dog is neutered Crazy Heart will sign off of papers

4  All deposits and payments are non-refundable

5  If for any reason, Adoptee cannot keep said dog. The dog will be returned to Crazy Heart and will not be
sold, given away or relinquished to a pound or shelter.

6. A annual photo and puppy update shall be sent to Crazy Heart